Housemeister – She‘s In Love (AYCB, AYCB056)

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Housemeister – She‘s In Love (AYCB, AYCB056)

Coming with a peal of old-school minded thunder, Housemeister’s new EP „She ́s In Love“ is your epitome of a hectic four-tracker, fully geared towards HG Wells-ing you back to the heyday of Rave and Dance till complete resource exhaustion. Attacking pedal to the metal, the title track ’She is in Love’ revs up the engines without further ado, delivering a hell of an adrenaline discharge for an introduction. High-velocity 909 salvos dictate the rhythm, straight out jacking at first then fusing organically alongside pitched-up synthwaves and seesawing basswork, all set at engulfing dan- cers in a dynamic whirlwind. ‘Classically Trained’ picks up the torch to whelm the club in a state of dizzying, trance-inducing frenzy with its epic buildup and strapping percussive overflow.

Flip sides and here’s ‘Rave Strikes Back’ – a purebred early UK hardcore affair a la Altern-8, filled with the kind of butchering synth-stab filth and riotous energy that’ll undoubtedly morph any dance floor into the most anarchic mosh-pit arena. Rounding up the package on a further playfully bouncy note, ‘Daftcore‘ is a bumping a weirdo chunk of sliced-and-diced electro-house, primed for carefree mischief-making in the basement. Beware, this one lays rubber.

Tracklist: Housemeister – She‘s In Love (AYCB, AYCB056)

01. She‘s In Love
02. Classically Trained
03. Rave Strikes Back
04. Daftcore

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