Luca Draccar – Flamboyant (Lush Point, LP005) + Interview

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we are pretty EXCITED because we doing a new interview series about groovy artists and their invigorating music. Italian producer Luca Draccar who is based in Berlin kicks the whole series off, and dude, he is such a character! And don’t forget to check out this music and videos below!


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Luca Draccar

Can you please introduce you as an artist to our readers a little bit?

I am a very lucky man cause I was born obsessed with music. I grew up in a phase of the world where breaking the rules was learning more than respecting them.

And the music was always there. The main reason. The real deal. Today everything has mutated: you face reality frontally like computer monitors. There is a lot to learn, even digitally speaking. The way your individuality and artistic style grow drastically changed. And changes should be noticed and followed. 

When did you start your career as Luca Draccar? 

My project with Luca Draccar started 2 years ago in Berlin. It was in 2018 with my first EP AAA – Access All Areas. And I’m still very happy with the statement it left. 

What was the idea /inspiration behind?

Forming a profile with a certain standard and stepping into the next level where nothing would be considered constant, except change.

How would you describe your sound?

Crossover. A blend of no fear, no excuses, no boundaries. My point of view of the future is horizontal and very wide open.

Things can change: progress is not a straight line. The interest I have is discovering new sounds, new architecture of arrangement. For me, it’s metaphysical.

Some of your biggest influences?

Well … Nick Cave, Diamanda Galas, Alan Wilder, Trent Reznor, Yngwie Malmsteen etc. I often listen to things that are very contrasting, stylistically speaking, like hip hop, rock, ragamuffin, industrial, drum n bass, pop music. 

Can you tell us about your new EP Flamboyant:

I hope you like the new area where I flew. Flamboyant starts with a hot ride over 10 minutes of mixed acid environments with swollen bass and skyrocketing synthesizers: “Birba” – tropical goth adventure, an acid safari in a very lush jungle. Everything is very wet as I like. “Every Exit Is An Entrance” is a spiritual jump inside yourself, and “Never Settle” roars but without dark or side effects. Everything is positive and constructive. In this sense also the “Never Settle “-remix by Developer fits perfectly.

How did it come together?

Feeling and tasting the season. Imagining the summer (although to tell you the truth, I had imagined it better than the current 2020 … )

And imagining sounds. Some sounds are like sea currents, you do not feel their power, their fury, but they carry you out until you are no longer able to return. 

We heard that for the artwork, the Berlin architect Hinrich Baller was an inspiration. Please tell us more about him and your connection.

Yes, Prof. Architect Hinrich Baller is the so-called “German Gaudí.” He is somehow not really german at all. I love his hairstyle.

Janka, a good friend of mine from I met at the Bauhaus University, rented in Berlin an apartment in a fabulous building designed by Baller.

When she moved out, she decided to leave me the place, exactly as she built the inside: in a jungle style. Very very jungle Janka!

Nothing was trivial, and nothing was taken for granted.

What did you use to produce the EP?

I run loads of improper ways. And that sometimes fails. During the process, I’m not scared to go for the opposite I was looking for originally.

There are a lot of things done “inside the box”, so-called software fetishism, and there are things recorded like guitars which simply sounds like synthesisers plus a typical intricate electronic sequencing with heavy sampling.

Besides creating music, are there other ways you express yourself?

Until the second half of the last century, in the westernized area of planet Earth, there were three means of information: radio, print media, television.

Let’s say this was how people could express themselves – or you control yourself. Today we live in the hyper-communication era: people react and express themselves with no breaks, 24/7.

I think silence is critical these times. I also put a limit on expressing myself, besides music. Life is a state of mind: we live an illusion called reality, and pushing the break today is necessary.


How are you dealing with the current global situation? Which (positive? /negative?) impact does it have on your career or personal life? 

I am looking for positive impacts, and I will find them. If you are looking for negative consequences, you will find them. 

Only at extreme limits, we can understand who we really are.

It is the familiar story of the glass half full or half empty. It’s all very subjective. You decide.

Have you adapted your creative or productive process during the pandemic?

I tried to improve myself. I would have done it anyway, so nothing has changed in that sense so much. 

I admit I lost focus at the beginning. The times were and are very worrying and not easy to cope with. But I reacted.

The idea of the crossroad is not always fascinating to me, but sometimes we believe what we see. You can only digest, metabolize, improve and react.

Mental health is gaining more and more relevance as a subject in the clubbing scene. Is this something you would like to talk about?

Stepping inside a club doesn’t expose you to any risk. Pay the entrance or cue outside the discotheque doesn’t damage your health.
It comes from your education.

Personal tips and tricks to plug-off.

There are many things to do. I am now profoundly into skates, longboards, surf-skates and e-boards. 

And cooking. The cuisine is great if you find the right inspiration. It is essential to get the best for your own supply.

Motivational and/or positive experiences or topics.

Sport, of course. It’s an investment in your health. There is no better doctor or cure. Here in Berlin, we have an abandoned airport inside the city. The level of focus you reach inside is incredibly high because people follow their instincts, their needs. But the first thing is concentration. Find the right mood. It has to fit your character.

Which future releases/projects can we expect from you?

The “Soul Grabber “-EP in November. It will be a winter release, so expect it a little more cold and “aggressive.”

As a metaphor for the wicked world we live in, I would like to bring the dialogue in the society of evil, the diabolic and immaculate world of annihilation.

Everything starts with a reflection coming from the movie “Natural Born Killers” from Oliver Stone, 1994. What’s murder, my friend? All of God’s creatures kill, in one way or another. 

Look at the great forests. There you have species killing other species, our species kills all cheerfully, including forests. Only we call it “industry”, not murder. 

Thanks Luca!

Luca Draccar - Flamboyant (Lush Point, LP005) >> [ ]

Luca Draccar – Flamboyant (Lush Point, LP005)

Our Tuesday selection:
Luca Draccar – Flamboyant (Lush Point, LP005)

The record concept was created in Los Angeles, where the sun and summer reign for almost 12 months. The absence of seasons psychologically changes the mood of the mind, this sensation is further applied linearly throughout the year. Hence the vulnerable idea of Flamboyant, where passion dares and malice proceeds. In- stinct suggests giving into the lure of delight of the natural law. And the emotional connection follows the mellow state of being filled to capacity. On the architecture of pleasure.

Tracklist: Luca Draccar – Flamboyant (Lush Point, LP005)

01. Birba
02. Every Exit Is An Entrance
03. Never Settle
04. Never Settle (Developer Remix)

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