AIROD – Voltage (Lenske, LENSKE004)

Pick of the week: AIROD – Voltage (Lenske, LENSKE004)

Coming forth on Amelie Lens imprint Lenske after a much solid stream of releases on Molekül, Perfusion and his own label Elixyr Records, as well as his contribution to Dax J’s recent Monnom Black compilation, up-and-coming Paris-based producer Dario Brkic aka AIROD rounds off his breakthrough year with his fifth solo 12″, ‘Voltage’ EP. Following on from outings by Milo Spykers, Farrago and Amelie Lens, whom he met during her all-nighter at REX in Paris a few months ago, the Frenchman here contributes a quartet of high-octane dancefloor wreckers that shall get the pressure gauge into the red zone effortlessly, no matter the hour of the day or the baking level of its audience.

Designed to take over the largest sound systems with optimum force, AIROD’s new 12″ for Lenske adroitly swings the pendulum between an unflinching industrial thump on predator mode (‘Voltage’) and propulsive acid out the ’90s continuum (‘Frozen Throne’, ‘Acid Effect’ – note the nod to Laurent Garnier’s classic tune). Lacing up classic old-school tropes with contemporary techno motifs, AIROD delivers a nonstop banging 12″ that’s geared to torment up to the most resilient of ravers with its explosive mix of warehouse-sized gabber kicks, gusty 303 whorls and fierce crescendos whipping up a frenzy.

Intended to convey a feeling of “breathlessness” into the club, Dario’s double pair of steely dashers were constructed so each of the cut’s last stretch would come, he explains, as a release point for all the “frustration” stacked up over the course of the track. Mission accomplished with this forcible, hypnotic and overly stamina-testing piece of hard-boiled techno – retro-revering yet future-ready in equal measure. Not for the faint of heart.

Tracklist: AIROD – Voltage (Lenske, LENSKE004)

A1 / 1. Acid Effect
A2 / 2. Every Night
B1 / 3. Voltage
B2 / 4. Frozen Throne

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