Ceili – Waiting EP (OTB Records, OTB#011D)

Pick of the weekend: Ceili – Waiting EP (OTB Records, OTB#011D)

Ceili, a young man hailing from the bog deep down in Ireland (a place only migrating birds have heard of – Banagher) joins the OTB family with his debut EP “Waiting”. Ceili started young, driving out sets alongside the best in and around Dublin. Recently he moved to London where he created his debut EP for OTB records.

A1: Moped Noise Pollution: A head cutting chord dub brings you through the noisy hustle and bustle of any city in the fast lane. It shares a sense of madness as the melodic distortion grabs you by the guts and a straight up thriving bass line takes you to Tesco express faster than an uber moped. Being the last track Dylan finished for the EP, we hear a glimpse of praise for all his patience by way of a distant choir.

B1: Waiting – One Track Brain Dub: Shows us full capacity of Dylan and OTB. A wall to wall, fast flowing analogue feeler takes you out the frontdoor around the block over to your cousins for a chat about the state of the world over an Espresso Martini and back through the garden fence before face planting into the freshly laid soft soil.

B2: Placid Acid (Vinyl Only): Started off as a short 16 bar ‘loop of love’, quickly created after the track Waiting. It was then brought to Brussels on Dylan’s lap before OTB boss, One Track Brain. The two sat together combining sounds to bring a break beat full of 303 booty and 909 crunch.
This release is OTB 011, the start of a new series with new people taking over the artwork duties. After a series of 5 arts by 88888, its now over to Joris Kritis, one of Belgiums best and most consistent graphic designers. (http://joriskritis.com)

From now on, all OTB releases will contain 1 vinyl only track on the B2

Tracklist: Ceili – Waiting EP (OTB Records, OTB#011D)

01. Moped Noise Pollution
02. Waiting – One Track Brain Dub
03. Placid Acid (Vinyl Only)

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