[ISF PREMIERE] Diarmaid O Meara – Establishment Full of Scensters (Cool as a Cucumber, De-Konstrukt)

Diarmaid O Meara – Establishment Full of Scensters (Cool as a Cucumber,De-Konstrukt)

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Press release:
“‘Cool as a Cucumber’ is Diarmaid O Meara’s latest EP and his first solo release on New York-based label De-Konstrukt In this time of crisis, when so much of our experience of music is limited to the confines of our homes, listening to something that so confidently awakens a sense of movement is a blessing. Luckily for us then, Diarmaid O Meara’s latest EP does just that. Over the course of three very different techno productions, the Irish producer and DJ joyfully mixes radiant and light productions with some of the darker club sounds of Berlin, where he has lived since 2010. “For me, I think putting out an EP full of strong material is a really good way to remind people of dancing to electronic beats even though we’re all locked in the house”, he says. Produced in his Berlin studio, tested and re-tested in the infamous Griessmuehle before its forced closure earlier this year. The EP has O Meara’s trademark sound stamped all over it, influenced heavily by the non-stop Berlin scene through which each release is honed. Since the closing of Griessmuehle, his label Gobsmacked has moved their residency to Suicide Club just as the restrictions took effect in the famously lightly-affected Berlin. “Apart from live streaming our Gobsmacked events from empty dancefloors full of recording equipment, we haven’t yet had the privilege of holding one of our raves in Suicide. Let’s hope we get the chance”, he says. The EP is Diarmaid O Meara’s first solo release on New York-based label De-Konstrukt, consisting of three techno floor bangers. ‘I Must Be Dreaming’ is a hypnotic and summery techno track, while ‘Establishment Full of Scensters’ is a driving and upbeat production that Diarmaid O Meara recorded in one take on an Octatrack, TR-8 and modular setup. ‘Cool as a Cucumber’, however, is boomy style techno track with a hypnotic baseline which makes it perfect for grande warehouse parties.

Watch the live production of Establishment Full of Scensters: https://www.instagram.com/p/BxHlY5zFImu

Live from his Berlin bunker studio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lD1B4NZbzuc

Save Suicide Club Berlin: https://www.startnext.com/sos-save-suicide

Born in Ireland and living in Berlin for the past ten years, Diarmaid O Meara is a DJ, music producer and owner of Gobsmacked. He has been releasing techno records, running electronic music events, and touring steadily since 2009, with his label is now on its second decade of operations.


● Diarmaid O Meara – I Must Be Dreaming (Original Mix)
● Diarmaid O Meara – Establishment Full of Scensters (Original Mix)
● Diarmaid O Meara – Cool as a Cucumber (Original Mix)”


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