ISF Radio Podcast #018 w/ Kevin Gray (South Africa Special)


Welcome to Itsoundsfuture Radio with episode #018. My name is Daniel Autorino, busy guitarist and designer at itsoundsfuture. I also make coffee. You just don’t want to taste it. Today we have Kevin Gray who we met in Cape Town, he’s a cool guy so we invited for our South Africa Special.


Kevin Gray:

Hello pod people, my name is Kevin Gray I hail from London England where I have recently relocated. Previously I was languishing for 20 odd years in stunning Cape Town, South Africa where I built and owned a club in 2010 called LLMoog primarily a deep house, tech house venue.
I fell in love with house music in 1989 and started my djing career in 1990. I play deep house, tech house and techno.
I host a radio show on every Friday titled Conversations With Kev its soon to go through a format change and I will be co hosting my 3 hour slot with DjD London.
This podcast features Tech house Minimal tech and techno so signing off now I hope you enjoy it.




Tracklist: ISF Radio Podcast #018 w/ Kevin Gray

01 Daxx-Detlef
02 Explain-Jacob Phono & Jens Bond
03 Thief-Mateo
04 Gloomy-Gaga
05 Coneblower-Maksim Dark
06 Kryptonite-Ricardo Valencia & Cristhian Valencia (Mateo!)
07 Odd Concept-Anna
08 Zuhause-Tell Her
09 Ordinary House-Carlo Ruetz (Wigbert)
10 Something Like That-MANT & Solando
11 Venom-Hatzler
12 You Know-Jay Lumen
13 Skeksis-Alan Fitzpatrick
14 Handsome-District One & Bart Skill And Anton Pieete
15 Enigma-Christian Wrong
16 Process-Gaga (Sudo)
17 Rybeck-Mateo!
18 Vca-Alberto Ruiz & Oscar Aguilera
19 Bang Show-Macromism
20 Awake-Joseph Capriati (Julian Jeweil)
21 Transition-Christian Smith (Pig & Dan)

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