Ray Han & Distorted Planet – AGHAAZ (Fehler Musik, FHLR021)

Pick of the weekend: Ray Han & Distorted Planet – AGHAAZ (Fehler Musik, FHLR021)

From Bangalore straight to Berlin: Ray Han, our first Indian techno magician, made it into the FHLR family. Together with his friend Distorted Planet he drops FHLR021 – AGHAAZ.

The EP starts steady and enigmatic with ‘AGHAAZ’. Techno toms in perfect symbiosis with the heavy-hitting bass drum and a plethora of percussions. A beautiful crafted artistic synthesis.

Kohraam, which can be translated as ‘uproar’, describes this piece in its essence. A constant rise and crescendo, bursting of raw energy and crude power. Also a sophisticated intermezzo of the instruments and sounds.

Faccia Staccata brings the balance back. A dark but warm and empowering mood. Drones of the future are woven into beautiful complementary elements, and everything concludes in an open end … whereas Ray Han’s remix launches straightforward getting to the point, but stays mesmerizing and mysterious on that journey – the perfect track to change into any direction coming from the peak of the night.

Tracklist: Ray Han & Distorted Planet – AGHAAZ (Fehler Musik, FHLR021)

01. AGHAAZ – Ray Han
02. Kohraam – Ray Han
03. Faccia Staccata – Distorted Planet
04. Faccia Staccata – Distorted Planet (Ray Han Remix)

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