Wanderist – Translucid Dreams (Aus Music, AUS164)

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Wanderist – Translucid Dreams (Aus Music, AUS164)
Dam Swindle’s Maarten Smeets returns to Aus Music as Wanderist this March with four cuts entitled ‘Translucid Dreams’.

Searching for new ways to express himself, Smeets has found a fresh perspective on music via his alter ego Wanderist.

’Translucid Dreams’ is a nod to the golden era of dreamy electro and spacey techno, a sound indebted to the 90s. On this record, he uses his craft and decades of experience to spin a timeless sound while adding his licks and contemporary flourishes that give the Wanderist project such unique flavour.

‘Machines Have Feelings Too’ is a celestial electro cut with inviting melodies, throbbing bass hits and floaty atmospherics before ‘Translucid Dreams’ layers acid stabs and bursts of funk whilst radiant pads shimmer underneath. Up next, ‘U Got Love’ lays focus on loopy percussion and ghostly leads with underlying tension throughout until ‘Astral Highways’ rounds off proceedings in soulful fashion with the light-hearted grooves bouncing elegantly off the glossy synth and rich chords.

With more to be announced from the Wanderist camp, 2021 looks set to be a pivotal year for the artist.

Tracklist: Wanderist – Translucid Dreams (Aus Music, AUS164)

01. Machines Have Feelings Too
02. Translucid Dreams
03. U Got Love
04. Astral Highways

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