Interflug – Fragments (Fehler Musik, FHLR018)

Our Thursday selection: Interflug – Fragments (Fehler Musik, FHLR018)

Acid ubermind Interflug from Budapest joins the FHLR family for FHLR018.

He just dropped his last release at none other than the acid originator and legend Dj Pierre and this label Afro Acid. His musical history goes back to mid 90’s, and debuted as Interflug at the no-less legendary Hardfloor label of Ramon Zenker and Oliver Bondzio. Acid techno meets acid house. Booom.

Interflug’s tracks have a very classic 90ies acid touch combined with contemporary and state of the art acid techno productions.

4200 kicks off the release with intense energy and sets the tone and pace of it. Nested layered and delayed percussions create this special groove which rides on top of the heavy bass line which sucks you simply deep inside. There is no way out.

The More Acid mix creates memories of the Blade theme song from Pump Panel/New Order, where the blood starts raining inside the club – heavy acid mix driving fast forward minus the blood.

Following Fragements is even able to step up the game in terms of variation and song structure … a real journey into and through sound, designed for the peak time crowd to go zero to hero and back again. Twice. Absolute freak show – but in a stunning way.

Time to come down again after the steep flight towards the climax. Time for Burnin Slow. Perfectly crafted to escape the madness and to come out here alive … deep acid territories are reached here, time to breath baby. Superb closing of this adventure.

Tracklist: Interflug – Fragments (Fehler Musik, FHLR018)

01. Interflug – 4200
02. Interflug – 4200 (More Acid Mix)
03. Interflug – Fragments
04. Interflug – Burnin Slow

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