Fabrizio Lapiana x Amotik – FIGURE JAMS 1, (FIGURE JAMS, FIGUREJAMS001)

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Fabrizio Lapiana x Amotik with FIGURE JAMS 1 on FIGURE JAMS, FIGUREJAMS001. FIGURE JAMS is a new FIGURE sublabel, read below what it’s all about.

Press release:
Arriving as the first release of the new sublabel series FIGURE JAMS, this split EP by Fabrizio Lapiana and Amotik serves not only as a crafty cut in its own right but also showcases a particular type of package Figure Jams will be facilitating from now on – bringing together artists from a wider network whose music engages in a special kind of dialogue and has a joint artistic vision.

The A-side of 001 is taken up by a pair of Lapiana‘s irresistably dense grooves that unmistakebly tread in the footsteps of his homeland‘s highly emotional techno, unafraid of big melodies but also injecting just the right amount of twisted acid to set the floor ablaze.

This sense of grandeur and space is also reflected in the work of fast-rising producer Amotik. Painting with his very own colours as an equally epic scenery, its bleak and post-apocalyptic landscape dominated by broken industrial beats and hypnotically swirling synths.

Tracklist: Fabrizio Lapiana x Amotik – FIGURE JAMS 1

A1. Fabrizio Lapiana – Far Away
A2. Fabrizio Lapiana – Memories
B1. Amotik – Gora
B2. Amotik – Kala


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After bringing the SPC series to a close, Figure is now ready to present the launch of a new sublabel.

FIGURE JAMS is all about bringing together artists whose work the label has already been following closely and feels to have a joint artistic vision with.

Each record on FIGURE JAMS will be shared by two producers whose music engage in a special kind of dialogue. An open-minded and playful approach both in terms of musical selection and even in the possible pairings of artists will bring about a new light in which to present their ideas.

FIGURE JAMS offers great freedom in stylistic expression, in ways of interaction and connection, facilitating symbiotic relationships that push artists beyond their individual limitations and into assuming their full creative spectrum.

The circular logo with its two halves not only reflects the concept of EPs split between the artists, but also incorporates the thought of FIGURE JAMS playing host to the countless synergies that have sprung from a wider network. A three-dimensional sphere with its connecting lines continuing endlessly, the graphic represents a universe of infinite possible interactions within.

The first EPs not only hold some exceptional club weapons but also serve as a showcase of the particular type of package that FIGURE JAMS will have in store from now on, bringing artists together who use different means but whose music is channeling a mutual idea.

With excitement Figure looks forward to this original form of curating a label, which will lead to previously unexpected pairings and results, acting as a motor of innovation both for the label and the scene it is set in. New paths of creativity are opening up and waiting to be explored …

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