Housemeister – 3NDL3SS SVMM3R (AYCB, AYCB055) + Interview

Hello Housemeister,

let’s talk to us about your new album 3NDL3SS SVMM3R – How did it come together?

 For 5 years, I had the dream to produce a melodic synthesized arpeggio album again … like “Music is Awesome” in 2010 on Boysnoize Records or “Who is that Noize” on my label AYCB. Proud to tell, it’s done!

Well done – what did you use to produce it?

This album and mostly all of my music is produced with real machines and synthesizers only. I used here the Elektron Analog Rytm, the Digitone as master, the Korg Wavestate, the 1010music Blackbox, Elektron Model:Cycles & Model:Samples, the Roland SH-1A, the Korg MS20, the Erica Synths Bassline, many aux effects like eventide space and many more. I mix all in my Midas Venice F32 Channel Analog Mixer with full parametric EQ’s and record all into Ableton live in a session. The master and the separate tracks, which I mostly only use, if I need remixes from that track. So I use the master recording, where I sometimes cut parts out, but mostly not because I’m trained in session recording for 15 years, which makes fast workflow possible. So mainly I program daily patterns and sounds in single machines, and then comes a week, where I record ten tracks in a row. 

How did the cooperation with Miss Kittin’s vocals for Daydreamer happen?

As I finished the last song “Daydreamer” end of July, the album was complete – without vocals. But then I got a message from Miss Kittin on Instagram. She sent some pictures of us in 2002 playing together somewhere in a club in Germany – we do not see us often anymore, so I was like … mhm, maybe that’s a sign.

So I’ve sent her the track and asked her – she loved it and sent me two days later the vocals. And that’s the result, Housemeisters 2nd Album in 2020, studio album number 8 with a Miss Kittin feature. I’m pleased and proud of this track.

Please tell us about the other songs – is there any remarkable background story or inspiration you had?

I get inspiration from music I listened to in my life, from parties I played and danced, and from my machines themselves. I always buy new drum machines and synths. All of them have character. 

I limit myself to 32 channels (which is a lot), but I also learned to limit the space to reach all machines with my arms not moving myself. 

I had bigger studios years ago, too much stuff, that you never use it. That didn’t make sense for me, so now I play studio Tetris. Great times for this, cause all the gear gets smaller with the same or more power.

How are you dealing with the current global situation?

For the current corona situation, I wear a mask and hope that it’s over soon. The global situation? We’re fucked! I hope we will find a way out to save our planet and stop making stupid people rich!

Has it had any positive impact on your career or personal life? Have you adapted your creative or productive process during the pandemic?

In the beginning, it was a nightmare – no gigs, no income, depression, the end of the world. But I had a lot of time to think, about me, my life and my career. One positive impact is that I realized the power of Bandcamp. Corona helped to make music lovers sensitive to understand that musicians, DJ’s and bands can make money now on Bandcamp only. For example, if you buy my digital album for 5€, including download and unlimited streaming in the app, at the same moment, I have 3,80€ on my Paypal. They only take a small fee, and there is no other distributor involved, it is like Etsy for musicians. I also sell there vinyls, cd’s and t-shirts. I focus now to grow my fans there, but for sure, you also can stream and buy my music on all other platforms too, but I prefer Bandcamp 😉 With this new possibility, I got activated to make more music and start recording. There is more to come this year, follow me here to be updated:  I created a campaign called “save the #envinylment “, which means that everyone who buys a vinyl in my Bandcamp shop, they will plant a tree and get an online certificate. Buy plastic – plant a tree. I donate one euro to a new Berlin non-profit startup to get a tree. I like this idea. 

Save the planet: Jetzt und in Zukunft! (“now and in future “is the title of my last album in June 2020).

How are you dealing with the fact that you cannot play DJ gigs at the moment?

That’s hard, I only played one gig since February. It was a great feeling, playing again in front of a real crowd. An open-air from the Magdalena crew in Berlin with 400 people – big fun! Not to play means also, that you feel not needed anymore. Normally you produce music during the week and play gigs at the weekend … without the gigs, the mission is incomplete and you feel useless. So I had to find other options, to make money but also to get happy for myself. Now I worked for three months for a Hollywood movie production as a set dresser at the Babelsberg Filmstudios, my first contract job since 96. Luckily I’m a skilled craftsmanship and made a professional education in the early 90s. This saved my life and makes me really happy! I have to say, working with a great crew, building movie pictures is crazy shit, I’m not allowed to tell more. But that’s definitely the opposite of what I’m normally doing in my studio. As a solo artist, you’re often alone in the studio. Corona helped me to see other worlds and trying new things. There are so many things out there. But for sure, I will keep going making music, that’s my life!

Obligatory – How -besides creating music – you can /like to express yourself?

I do many things, not only music. I often create my releases’ artworks and make them print-ready, I design the posters, T-shirts, banners, flyers and stickers, but I do that only for myself. I also create the campaigns for my label. I’m the all in one office graphic designer DJ ­producer manager. For this album, the great Beeple made the cover art, but I added the text, photoshopped the figure out for the backside and put it in the right size for print. He already made the covers of my Transfer album on Detroit Underground some years ago. On top I can cook like grandma, making jam and mayonnaise, and I love playing real pinball machines. I’m also a member of the german pinball association, and with my pinball crew, we traveled a lot for some days to Budapest, Czech or Hamburg for some days to visit and playing tournaments in pinball halls there. Before corona for sure. I hope it comes back soon. I miss this.

Aber alles wird gut!

Thank you!

Thank YOU Housi!

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DJ Housemeister [ ]

Our Friday selection:
Housemeister – 3NDL3SS SVMM3R (AYCB, AYCB055)

Housemeister new Album comes as Vinyl and digital.

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Tracklist: Housemeister – 3NDL3SS SVMM3R (AYCB, AYCB055)

01. Daydreamer feat. Miss Kittin
02. Sundancer
03. Odyssey
04. Trip To Heaven
06. Feel Like
07. See You!

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