Zadig – The Stellar Hunter (Tresor, TRESOR283)

Zadig does great techno, sound design and drum programming reach a higher state of consciousness. Read his whole journey here and listen to this brandnew production on Tresor. And don’t forget to check out this own label, Construct Re-Form.

Tracklist: Zadig – The Stellar Hunter (Tresor, TRESOR283)

A. The Stellar Hunter
B1. Beyond The Portal Of Madness
B2. The Man From Outer Space

A. The Stellar Hunter:
Heavy synth drones leave the planet’s gravity quickly behind and skyrocket you into the techno cosmos, where spun bleeps and bells mix with a thunderbolt of drums. After the break, the composition is joined by an epic use of toms, building a supermassive black hole where there is no escape for you, your ears nor anything else around.

B1. Beyond The Portal Of Madness:
Pulsating and modulating, tight percussions slowly occupy the room and your mind before the second kickdrum fills the remaining space in every corner. Traditional techno tune for mainroom madness.

B2. The Man From Outer Space:
Throbbing extraterrestrial sounds, rich with delay, open the portal to another dimension. Steadily moving through space as if swimming through a nebula of noise, the mood is sometimes as light as zero gravity, yet sometimes so dense that no light could travel through. A dopey track with depth.

Conclusion: Essential item on your all your cosmic techno journeys. Magnificent drum programming, simply the shiznit.

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