Alpha 606 – RMXD (Interdimensional Transmissions, IT 34)

Alpha 606 is back in 2016 with Alpha 606 RMXD on Interdimensional Transmission, featuring reworks from Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir, BMG & Erika.
Profile: “Born in Miami to Cuban immigrants, Alpha 606 is a multitalented multi instrumentalist. His innovation is in blending the varied history of Electro, 20th Century Avant Garde and his native Cuban influences, ranging from the ritual music of Santeria to the Afro Cuban highs of 1930’s Havana. With this stew of influences, he creates a dense and colorful sound, melding advanced electronics with intricately played live hand drums. His style is the definition of a new sound, known as Electrónica Afro-Cubano.”
Last seen in 2010 with an EP for Cultivated Electronics, it’s good to see his return and we hope to hear more from the artist in the near future. Here’s our take on the tracks:

Tracklist: Alpha 606 – RMXD (Interdimensional Transmissions, IT 34)

A1 808 Trax (Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir RMX)
A2 808 Trax (Original)

B1 Armambo (BMG RMX)
B2 We Leave Tonight (Erika RMX)


A1. Alpha 606 – 808 Trax (Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir RMX)
Techno with breakbeat drums, extremely distorted toms or crashes meets an unbelievably grooving deep melody and bass hybrid. Personal favourite of this EP.

A2. Alpha 606 – 808 Trax (Original)
A walk through a jungle of uncanny and fascinating sounds moves into a deep old school techno drum march.

B1. Alpha 606 – Armambo (BMG RMX)
Miami post-bass runs into a cowbell massacre supported by a synth hang drum blended into pads of confusion… WHAT A COMBINATION!

B2. Alpha 606 – We Leave Tonight (Erika RMX)
Ingredients for a timeless experience? Heavenly pads and melodies mixed with strings (what else), rolling gently on a minimal beat and percussions.

Conclusion: A unique selection of remixes. Old school rhythms and patterns mixed with a future fusion of sounds and instruments. Pick your weapon of choice to stand out the DJ crowd.

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