Israel Toledo – 9 Volts LP (ANALOGUE AUDIO, AA013.1 & AA013.2)

Pick of the weekend: Israel Toledo with 9 Volts LP  on ANALOGUE AUDIO (AA013.1 & AA013.2)

Press release:
It’s the third album on our label and this time we grabbed on the other side of the ocean! The mexican techno native Israel Toledo, who lives these days in Germany, is the man of now and gives us full-on electricity with – 9 Volts . Being effective with less is the formula which works definitely the most. So let’s have a short view on Israel: the fundament of his works were done by launching his own techno imprint Assasin Soldier Recordings in 2005 and releasing since more than one decade. Featuring lots of the mexicans underground music producers has gained a proper standing in many of the heavy-weight-players record cases.

The simplicity of the track names reflects the saying that techno music doesn’t need any words to communicate, so here we go with V1 (Volt 1) to V8. All tracks are designed by analogue machines and literally – made of steel , therefore it’s reasonably pressed on wax. The central themes are spheres and chords in various moods on pounding beats.

The start is something for the epic moments. V1 floats and flies on a sweet-sounding sphere, holds a warm appearance and can be called a real anthem. In the forthcoming tracks, he draws more dusky worlds and builds industrialized shapes and landscapes with rough chords. He varies with tensions in V2 and V3, soaring rhythms for V4 or creaking basses in V5 with timeless synth hooks, as well as a deep and dubby flavour for V6. Number 7 is definitely a peaktime ruler and the last one V8 for the atmosphere in the morning hours.

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