Ghostclusters – Mode Collapse (0x01 Records, 0X01D005)

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Ghostclusters – Mode Collapse (0x01 Records, 0X01D005)

Ghostclusters returns to 0x01 Records with five experimental originals entitled ‘Mode Collapse’.

Ghostclusters, an alias of producer and 0x01 Records founder Olan!, returns to his imprint with an experimental EP aimed at DJs who want to expand the limits of club music. Ghostclusters has experimented with generative music for a long time and is now diving into the realm of artificial intelligence and machine learning. He fed hundreds of his tracks into his computer and asked it, “what does my music sound like?”. Technology is shaping our lives like never before. This is a glimpse into the future of composition and club music, fusing creativity of the human mind with the power of computers.

Truly innovative drum grooves stand out throughout the EP and provide the basis of track, ‘Anomaly Detector’ and ‘Approximation Error’. They have no perceivable time, but with a very distinct rhythm that somehow sounds organic working underneath the shattering modulations. All the human-like voices were generated by a custom trained WaveNet Deep Neural Network whereas other tracks use methods like MIDI-manipulation with Machine learning and generative feedback loops.

‘Mode Collapse’ is a glitchy drum and bass track with eccentric bleepy melodies, emphatic pads and acid squelches whereas ‘The Big Snap’ features heavily distorted kicks fire cracking over the haunting soundscapes and thunderous oscillations piercing the ears of the listener. ‘Epiphenomenal Qualia’ then rounds off the release with an eleven minute ambient odyssey laying focus on cinematic soundscapes, obscure detuned synths and powerful quivers with enticing moods keeping the unnerving atmosphere flowing till the end.

Tracklist: Ghostclusters – Mode Collapse (0x01 Records, 0X01D005)

01. Anomaly Detector
02. Mode Collapse
03. Approximation Error
04. The Big Snap
05. Epiphenomenal Qualia

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