Rebekah – No Escape EP [Elements, RBK010]

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Rebekah – No Escape EP [Elements, RBK010]

Rebekah drops her first solo EP in two years, ‘No Escape EP’, on Elements this November.

One of the world’s leading techno acts, Rebekah returns to her Elements label after outings on Soma, Perc Trax, Mord, and many more. The Birmingham-born, Berlin-based artist delivers five uncompromising tracks on her much-anticipated solo release, showing exactly why she remains one of the most in-demand and reliable techno acts on the modern circuit. “Creating a solo EP wasn’t the easiest after a two-year break. With the uncertainty of the coronavirus, confusion of having a clear direction of where we are heading musically, and other projects vying for my attention brought me to an almost standstill. But playing shows this past year and really enjoying just sharing energy was inspiration enough to just go into the studio with that energy and create more track-based pieces. No frills here but just some bangers for DJs sets.” – Rebekah

Leading the release, ‘Teletubbybebe’ combines raucous synth-work and crushing drums for a warehouse-filling opening track. Following is the title cut, ‘No Escape’, which ups the tempo and the energy levels with pounding kicks and gurgling sound effects. Marking the midway point, ‘The Way of the Warrior’ offers crunching soundscapes and twisted sonics as the track flips between half and double time. ‘Ali’s Groove’ sees trippy vocal snippets, rattling percussion, and machine-like FX combine to create a sense of urgency before ‘The Fight’ closes the EP, pushing further into pandemonium as distorted low-end and unsettling instrumentation rings throughout.

Tracklist: Rebekah – No Escape EP [Elements, RBK010]

01. Teletubbybebe
02. No Escape
03. The Way of the Warrior
04. Ali’s Groove
05. The Fight

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