Dax J – The Invisible Man EP (Monnom Black, MONNOM009)

“After his acid, rave influenced full length debut ‘Shades of Black’, Dax J releases ‘The Invisible Man EP’ for Monnom Black.” Mixmag awarded ‘Shades of Black’ as “Album of the Month”, Hardwax described it as “Brilliantly Banging”… Sounds like one hell of a producer. And he is even more: performing for the most renowned clubs and festivals in the world, like Berghain, Awakenings, Fabric, and Glastonbury, just to name a few. So lets jump directly into the next great episode of Dax J, ‘The Invisible Man EP‘.

Tracklist: Dax J – The Invisible Man EP (Monnom BlackMONNOM009)

A1. The Wonk
A2. The Invisible Man
B1. Wir Leben Für Die Nacht
B2. The Bounce
B3. Surrender (feat. Cat Yen)

A1. The Wonk:
Instant 90ties techno groove injection, intravenous of course. It spreads fast through your body and reaches and takes over your brain in the same speed this track is rolling. Yeah, you thought you knew your techno limits, but this dosis was too high….. aaaah, what a golden feeling, flashes of the golden age of rave are passing by. Simplified for maximum rave satisfaction, unfussy yet rich in sound. I need another shot. NOW!

A2. The Invisible Man:
An intimate forceful kickdrum builds the 4 corner pillars of this massive room, where slowly and subtle acid spreads. When the synth comes in, my mind travels back in time to the moment when I heard for the first time “The Horrorist – One Night In New York City”… it’s already the new millenium, even if the feeling is like ’97. I am amidst the frenetic crowd in the dark big floor at Stammheim Kassel, dripping sweat comes from the ceiling. Good times, good memories. But this tune tells you another story: this is the invisible man, strange but familiar, your rave mate for the night dancing with you in the described room. When your looks meet, you smile, because you know you both are you on the same journey. And again. Sweat is dripping from the ceiling…

B1. Wir Leben Für Die Nacht:
an uptempo ride with high pressure through “Die Nacht”. No time for breaks. Up and down. And all around.

B2. The Bounce:
back in the days you had a mostly reduced set of elements and instruments in a techno track, but never lacking the groove or character. So does this track. Let’s bounce!

B3. Surrender (feat. Cat Yen):
Here the journey comes to an end. And your departure to move on to pastures new. A cosy ambient soundscape.

Conclusion: Your tool and ticket to travel back and forth between the best techno worlds. Classic drums rhythms, hell of a grooves, a little acid and a lot of techno love. FAN-TASTIC EP!

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