Underground LA – An audiovisual & electronic ride

Today I came across these two videos about the underground scene in LA.

The first one, “The Benders Circuit” is a documentary about the audiovisual performance scene in and around LA. They are still crowdfunding about the project. Check out the trailer below, fascinating und futuristic stuff!

The second one is Resident Advisor’s well-known series Real Scenes about Los Angeles electronic underground. The hugeness of the city (1.5x Berlin) provides a lot of playground and (warehouse) space for artists to thrive and develop as well as for parties beyond the 2am curfew.

It feels very like Berlin when they talk about being music and not money driven, doing their”DIY Economy”. The underground. I guess that happens intensely at one point when you live in a city with it’s Hollywood glitz all over. The brighter the light, the darker the shadows.

The Benders Circuit


Real Scenes: Los Angeles

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