Various Artists – Marches (LABURNUM Records, LBRNM01)

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Various Artists – Marches (LABURNUM Records, LBRNM01)

LABURNUM Records is a brand new London-based industrial techno label aiming at promoting emerging local and international artists. “A march, as a musical genre, is a piece of music with a strong regular rhythm which in origin was expressly written for marching.” With “Marches” LABURNUM Records unites 25 artists from 10 different cities for 23 relentless and hard-hitting techno tracks. The interpretations of the artists navigate in between percussive drums, distorted grooves, relentless kicks and obsessive loops for a result always oriented towards the dancefloor. The label launches with a VA that displays what LABURNUM Records will stand for: a promotion of local and international up-and-coming artists with a vision centered on heavily danceable, club-focused techno.

Things open up with the fizzing roller of Annabel Arroyo’s ‘Neurotic’ then Apocalypse Division lays down a hectic, industrial techno slammer. Irish producer Bunkerterror continues build momentum with continued effervescent energy which is a common theme throughout the compilation. High Speed Violence takes it up a few notches with ‘The Living End’ which lays down apocalyptic atmospheres and hauting grooves which follows in tracks from Hybrid Vigour, Coqman, Myka & Ama, RAßßeAT and Burden.

Julez Wyl, Kaylah, Kolossal and Otaku deliver high octane rave tracks featuring entrancing oscillations and enticing sonics whilst Mickey Nox and Pre Silent provides punchy, resounding kicks and weighty vibrations throughout. S.F.H offers breaky, syncopated rhythms and uplifting pads in the cut ‘WATCH OUT LONDON’ before Veta.M and VISHSCALE close out this lively compilation in a pacey style.

Tracklist: Various Artists – Marches (LABURNUM Records, LBRNM01)

01. Anabel Arroyo – Neurotic
02. Apocalypse Division – Nimrod
03. Bunkerterror – Let Me Tie Your Nikes
04. Burden – Rotten Skin
05. Cathédral – Le Cavalier
06. Coqman – Druid’s Peak Wolves
07. DLTN – Escape Myself
08. End Train – When I Thought The World Was Coming To An End
09. High Speed Violence – The Living End
10. Hybrid Vigour – Asymmetrical Warfare
11. Julez Wyl – The Duality Of Man
12. Kaylah – Dark Arts
13. Kolossal – Acid Shift
14. M1IC6 – Eating My Own Flesh
15. Mickey Nox – The Lie Of Silence
16. Myka & Ama – Get Off The Rails
17. Ømen – Imposter Syndrøme
18. Otaku – Close Relation Annoyments
19. Pre Silent – Sonic infection
20. RAßßeAT – Everyday Struggle
22. Veta.M – Whipped

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