Troma + PERS1 – Kaede EP (Aquaregia Records, AQR018)

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Troma + PERS1 – Kaede EP (Aquaregia Records, AQR018)

Troma & PERS1 return to Canadian imprint Aquaregia Records this June with five melodic techno cuts entitled ‘Kaede’ EP.

Troma & PERS1 began their creative journey in the small seaside town of Granville in northwestern France. As conveyed through their raw acid compositions, the impeccable chemistry of the duo stems from their close relationship as brothers growing up in the tight-knit commune. Drawing inspiration from the beauty of the sea fringed by the rocky landscapes of the Normandy coast, their music is a crafted concoction of hypnotic sounds, bold melodies, and breath-taking basslines. Troma & PERS1’s productions and live-sets alike seek to hypnotize with a balance between consciousness and delirium, light and darkness in their evocative creations. Their ‘Kaede’ EP sees the duo team back up with the Aquaregia family following their three previous releases on the label over the last few years.

Troma & PERS1 explore a range of styles on this EP, from hypnotic techno to breakbeat, all with the common thread of acid. Title track ‘Kaede’ kicks off the EP with gentle synth flutters, graceful melodies and echoing drums before ‘Samara’ continues with euphoric 303s, cinematic pads that sit harmoniously underneath the resounding kick drums.

On the flip, ‘Crimson Breath’ lays focus on hypnotic soundscapes, dreamy chord progression, and blissful moods that captivate you effortlessly until ‘Autumn Moon’ delivers arpeggiating modulations, emotional hooks and breezy fx with heavenly undertones. The EP is accompanied by a breaky 808 version of ‘Autumn Moon’ with icy high-hats and angelic leads, released as a digital bonus.

Tracklist: Troma + PERS1 – Kaede EP (Aquaregia Records, AQR018)

01. Kaede
02. Samara
03. Crimson Breath
04. Autumn Moon
05. Autumn Moon (808 Mix)

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