747 – Aurora Centralis – The Remixes (Aquaregia Records, AQR015)

Our Friday selection: 747 – Aurora Centralis _ The Remixes (Aquaregia Records, AQR015)

747 is an Aquaregia mainstay who is now the focus of a fantastic remix package featuring Schacke, Tin Man, nthng and Primal Code.

Three years after the original’s release, new life is given to 747’s widely acclaimed acid anthem, Aurora Centralis. The uplifting track, characterized by its iconic singing 303, captivated a wide audience of music lovers of all ages and backgrounds while receiving heavy play from the likes of Aurora Halal, Dr. Rubinstein, Charlotte De Witte, I Hate Models and Bicep. It now is revisited by four masterful artists: Schacke, Tin Man, nthng and Primal Code, each bringing a unique take.

Opening the release, Schacke, a leader of Copenhagen’s fast techno-trance movement and rising techno star, delivers a fast and euphoric revamp. His ‘Kisloty People’ and ‘Trained To The Floor’ were some of 2019’s biggest tunes and he now follows with his remix of ‘Aurora Centralis’ – a high energy, high tempo infectious groove amongst floating eerie synths.
Tin Man is a master of acid undulations who has put out countless LPs and EPs on Acid Test and Global A Records. Here he serves up a perfectly soft and tender acid lullaby with zoned out pads glowing up top like distant stars.
After cult classics on Lobster Theremin, Delsin and more, nthng’s dreamy, soulful sound is much loved and he provides his first ever remix here. Over 10 minutes he takes you on a cosmic ambient techno voyage to the edges of the galaxy on surging groves that leave you entranced.

For the final track, Primal Code have taken their dreamy sound, lush acid melodies and delicate drums to the likes of Hypnus, The Gods Planet and Semantica. It’s a style that fits perfectly for this label and their remix is a warm, bubbly and deep techno classic with fuzzy acid and slick drum loops that lock you in the zone.

Tin Man’s ‘Detroit Remix’ and nthng’s ‘Saiyan Dream’ are two superb digital bonus tracks to round things out.
747 ‘Aurora Centralis – The Remixes’ drops via Aquaregia Records on 15th May 2020.


Tracklist: 747 – Aurora Centralis _ The Remixes (Aquaregia Records, AQR015)

01. Aurora Centralis (Schacke Remix)
02. Aurora Centralis (Tin Man’s Spaced Remix)
03. Aurora Centralis (nthng’s Saiyan Saga)
04. Aurora Centralis (Primal Code Remix)
05. Aurora Centralis (Tin Man’s Detroit Remix) (Digital Bonus)
06. Aurora Centralis (nthng’s Saiyan Dream) (Digital Bonus)

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