ISF Radio Podcast #003 w/ Aki Bergen & Richter

ISF Radio Podcast #003 today with Aki Bergen & Richter, who are also part of the Lauter Unfug gang … among many other labels!

Welcome back to the 3rd episode of the ISF Radio Podcast.
Last week we had Circle of Life from Belgrad, who played with us on Sunday in Suicide Circus. The Horrorist did, as expected, a crazy as nuts live show, oh boi, what a night.

Tonight the show goes on, again Lauter Unfug, Audio Department, Analogue Audio and Fehler Musik are hosting the next event, this time we take over Birgit and Bier, starting at 11 pm, going to 11 am. I love Berlin for this never stopping party vibe.

Who also played with us last week was this likable duo Aki Bergen and Richter from Italy,
and they are our guests of today’s show.
So guys, tell our listeners a bit about who you are and what’s your mission?

Tracklist: ISF Radio Podcast #003 w/ Aki Bergen & Richter

1) Diatonik -Odyssey ( Peppe Markese, Daniele Travali remix )
2) Mik Kartl – Jungle Riot ( Jackspot remix )
3) Spieltape – Ali ( Dachshund remix )
4) Sonic Future – Last Call (Athea remix )
5) Bartaub – Raw Land ( Havantepe remix )
6) Darko De Jan – Breinz ( Matan Caspi remix )
7) Leo Janeiro & Gui Boratto – MooDisco ( Rodriguez Jr remix )
8) Giles Dhay – Sunrise ( Karl Ritter remix )
9) Christoph – Prison
10) Marius Milani – Fight
11) Fresh Poison – Epigrafico ( AERZ remix )
12) Hybrasil – Oppenheimer
13) Marc Molina – Zer Modus
14) Gezender & Moebiius – Moksa
15) Aki Bergen & Richter – Icarus


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