Subjected – Opera Scenes (Intimate Silence, INS006)

Pick of the weekend: Subjected – Opera Scenes (Intimate Silence, INS006)

Intimate Silence return this August with an album from Vault Series founder Subjected featuring eight ambient cuts entitled ‘Opera Scenes’.

Subjected has been an important figure within Berlin’s techno community in the last ten years with his Vault Series and Subjected System imprints playing host to some of the genres most exciting names. His recent releases on ARTS, Stoor, Vault Series and self-titled label showcases his vast exploration into the realms of ambient soundscapes and atmospheric techno with a hint of post-industrial influence. ‘Opera Scenes’ sees Subjected serve up his third LP to date joining Silent-One’s Intimate Silence label following the likes of Głós, Thomas Hessler, KAS:ST, PVNV, Dold and Pär Grindvik.

‘Unhuman Error’ begins proceedings with humming drones, haunting notes and tension building reverberations before stunning arp progression balanced with an oscillating bassline and stirring pads take the focus in ‘Odysee of Hope’. The euphoric ambience continues through to ‘Odysee of Hope’ that deploys angelic synth tones, atmospheric swells and calming waves leading into the errie ‘No Man’s Land – Interlude’ with poignant modulations and heavenly leads.

‘Losing Our Sense’ is filled with exquisite compositions offering up growling bass waves and ethereal elements. ‘Ω Beginning of Everything’ then deploys dramatic synth sequences, sparse textures and piercing frequencies until tantalising harmonics fuse delicately with undulating emotiveness and revolving flutters and pulses in ‘The Origin of Life’. To finish, ‘Love Will Never End’ rounds things off with a drone-filled spectacle through tranquilising sound design, cinematic moods and compelling atmospheres.

Subjected presents Pictures From The Aftermath ‘Opera Scenes’ is out on Intimate Silence on 5th August 2019.

Tracklist: Subjected – Opera Scenes (Intimate Silence, INS006)

01. Opera Scene I (Unhuman Error)
02. Opera Scene II (Fighting the Unconsciousness)
03. Opera Scene III (Odysee of Hope)
04. Opera Scene IV (No Man’s Land – Interlude)
05. Opera Scene V (Losing our Sense)
06. Opera Scene VI (Ω Beginning of Everything)
07. Opera Scene VII (The Origin of Life)
08. Opera Scene VIII (Love Will Never End)

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