Sixtoaugusto – Me voy de la ciudad (Dmnsia, DMN02)

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Sixtoaugusto – Me voy de la ciudad (Dmnsia, DMN02)

Jonathan Moreno a.k.a. Sixtoagusto, from Monterrey City, N.L., dj and music produ- cer mainly focused on house and acid techno, leading his productions to hypnosis and enveloping, distorted vocals with linear basses and slippery atmospheres bouncing from side to side, where every sound is recorded analogously with synths, drum ma- chines and diverse effects, striking raw and acid vibes that rightly defined his tracks.

“Me voy de la ciudad” is the next instalment from Sixto, and the third one from Mexi- can label dmnsia. An EP that comes up with 2 original tracks and 4 remixes by Mijo, Colossio, Undefined Pattern and Spanish group Gameboyz. A powerful material that tells the story of rejection to a dystopian tech future.

Tracklist: Sixtoaugusto – Me voy de la ciudad (Dmnsia, DMN02)

01. Me voy de la ciudad
02. Más uno
03. Me voy de la ciudad (Undefined Pattern remix)
04. Me voy de la ciudad (Gameboyz remix)
05. Más uno (Mijo remix)
06. Más Uno (Colossio remix)

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