Klaudia Gawlas – Manifest EP (Blackrod, BLACKROD005)

Pick of the weekend: Klaudia Gawlas – Manifest EP (Blackrod, BLACKROD005)

German techno mistress Klaudia Gawlas delivers yet another strong release titled MANIFEST including a remix by proli c Scottish producer Edit Select.

The EP maintains a steady ow which builds upon the producer’s dark and hypnotic grooves.

It begins with MARGIN which seems taken from a chase scene of a horror movie and sets the upbeat and tense atmo- sphere of the EP. Edit Select’s special touch on MARGIN’s remix fascinates with its synth soundscapes and adds a more atmospheric and dreamy feel to the original track. MANIFEST picks up where MARGIN left off, with its heavy bass and rumbling drums. Closing track ADDlTIONAL creates an even darker vibe with the distorted vocals and the haunting explosive bass and lead lines.

Packed with dance oor weapons MANIFEST is set to be released June 8th via Hungarian techno imprint Blackrod.

Tracklist: Klaudia Gawlas – Manifest EP (Blackrod, BLACKROD005)

01. Margin (Original Mix)
02. Margin (Edit Select Remix)
03. Manifest (Original Mix)
04. Additional (Original Mix)

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