Addictionproblem – Nowhere LP (Mrs Radar Music, MRSR0003)

Our Thursday selection: Addictionproblem – Nowhere LP (Mrs Radar Music, MRSR0003)

Sweden’s Addictionproblem returns to Mrs Radar Music this May to release his debut long-player on Mrs Radar Music entitled ‘Nowhere’.

Seemingly out of nowhere Swedish producer Addictionproblem appears with his debut album following on from two releases that picked up support from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Steve Bicknell, Slam and DJ Deep. ‘Nowhere’ sees Addictionproblem continue to delve into the realms of ambient experimentation and musical sensibility while capturing a ‘Nordic Noir’ feeling –‘dark and hazy soundscapes with hints of optimism and hope’, exploring themes that derive from existential thought, addiction and distraction.

‘The Question’ kicks things off with skippy percussion fused with pulsating low end and glistening pads before ‘Sleepless Night’ mellows things down with eerie tones and buzzing synths floating around the base. Previously released as a single, ‘Nowhere’ captivates intriguing soundscapes, tranquilising piano chords and reverberating bass notes until ‘Brain Overheat’ and ‘Where Do U Belong?’ wonderfully layer punchy kicks and twisted modulations keeping the eccentric atmosphere flowing.

Meditative pads, weaving synth flutters and alleviating ambience take the focus in ‘Doom Generation’ and ‘Sousveillance’ with ‘But So What?’ then moving into a scattered rhythm gliding above razor-sharp bleeps and oscillations. ‘Waiting In Rain’ offers up watery textures and swaying bass notes until ‘The Answer’ rounds off the album with outlandish flavours and undulating emotiveness veering underneath.

Addictionproblem ‘Nowhere’ is out on Mrs Radar Music on 24th May 2019.

Tracklist: Addictionproblem – Nowhere LP (Mrs Radar Music, MRSR0003)

01. The Question
02. Sleepless Night
03. Nowhere
04. Brain Overheat
05. Where Do U Belong?
06. Doom Generation
07. Sousveillance
08. But So What?
09. Waiting In The Rain
10. The Answer

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