Itsoundsfuture Going Nowhere 2016

Off to our summer mission. Burning Man Regional No. 4 this year. See you on planet Dust.

Misson Control: “Going WHAT??
Commander Hartojo, state your position and mission objective. Over!”

Hartojo: “Mission Control, this is Operation Disco Storm. We are on our way from Berlin to Barcelona and will reach the city by 1300. Tomorrow we will conquer the desert of Castejón de Monegros by 1200. Our misson: build up the colony of Ubertown, play some funky ass tunes and meet the ambassador of the Garden of Joy. Building some international relationship with them. Over!”

Misson Control: “We copy that. Good luck Commander. Over and out!”

Yessss friends, another mission, ANOTHER BURN! Find us at our home camp Ubertown, the Garden of Joy, Touch & Play and our Berlin friends Shandy Bisqwuits.
Playtime confirmed so far:

Garden of Joy, Tuesday 22:00 – 00:00
Garden of Joy, Wednesday 00:00 – 02:00

See you in the dust!

Infos here.

P.S.: it’s going to be toasty HOT!

Weather of the week in Nowhere

Weather of the week in Nowhere

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