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The magician himself, Jeff Mills brought out his first fanzine – “The Escape Velocity”. You want to know what happens when you spend too much time in complete darkness? In this magazine, you’ll find the answer.

In Jeff’s view, the creation of music does not get it’s attention it deserves.

In Electronic Music, there are many aspects to the genre that have always needed more attention, more observation and constant monitoring. All of these areas, the ones we’re mostly used to following and watching things such as public event announcement and coverage, industry/business services, rising talents and all that hovers around the gathering of people and audiences. But nothing has proven to be more vital than the creation of Music itself. Since the form of Electronic Music that we recognize today began in the mid-1980s, it has been my personal view that as an industry that specializes in such, there is still too little attention to the art of the creation. That, what we mostly see are examples of the consequences and the after-effects of what this music does.

But, what about all the aspects it takes for music to be made – to arrive at the point of public consumption with very little attention of the way it travels to that point. What are situations that are beyond the names and cities where the artists come from. Who are these people that translate these otherworldly ideas to create such sounds and rhythms for us? How much of what we hear is attributed to the producer’s personality itself? What do they see and believe? As an industry that isn’t always as diplomatic and fair to certain artists as it should be, there had always been room for more conversations about creativity, more exchanging of ideas and about the subject of expanding Electronic Music to boundaries further than our imaginations.

The creation of The Escape Velocity artists program and magazine are our contributions to these topics. We’re ready to examine and explore all that revolves around the mechanics of creativity. Subjects that at first glance, may not appear to be influential to what you hear, but are in fact, primary reasons that had help fuel many creative efforts by many Electronic Musicians and artists for decades.”

You find conversations with techno heroes like Mike Storm, Tadeo, Terrence Dixon, DVS1 or Jonas Kopp and other artistic characters you want to listen to.

the Golden Age and art of early Science Fiction

We like especially that beautiful article about the Golden Age and art of early Science Fiction. That topic inspired most likely many electronic music artists in the early days, and will in the years to come. Especially when players like Elon Musk, Nasa or also Jeff Bezos are pushing the envelope that humanity finally will become a space and a galactic civilization. As Itsoundsfuturists we are particularly interested in the future of sound and mankind alike, so we hope this becomes a series in this quarterly appearing magazine. While authors like Isaac Asimov, Robert A. Heinlein or Arthur C. Clarke started the Golden Age of science fiction, what about the next generation? Philip K. Dick comes instantly to mind, which posthumous influence still reaches a lot of people by movies like Blade Runner, Total Recall or Minority Report. And what about the soundtrack of these movies, how that came together? Or is the magazine looking into the process and the visual representation of future-inspired labels, like Adeon, influenced by Japanese Cyberpunk? We are definitely looking forward to the next issue … but for now, enjoy the very first one.

The Escape Velocity Magazine – Issue One
Axis Records

The Escape Velocity Magazine – Issue One
Axis Records


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