Philip Adeon – Touched By The Soul (Adeon Records, ADEON001)

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Philip Adeon – Touched By The Soul (Adeon Records, ADEON001)

Inspired by Japanese Cyberpunk and Transhumanism.

Launching soon is Adeon Records, a digital record label with a difference. Future- facing and musically enriched, it will express an exciting new way electronic music is conceived, curated and delivered through cutting edge music and visuals inspired by Japanese cyberpunk, human innovation and scientific advancement.

The time for the label could not be more perfect and for label head and founder, Philip Adeon, this is exactly when the world should hear the fruits of his labour. Sur- rounded by a studio full of amazing synths and drum machines comes his unique organic energy.

„Touched By The Soul“ is the label‘s first release, authored by Philip Adeon. The EP is packed with three original tracks and one remix by the legendary producer, Funk D‘Void.

„It is 2020, the future is here. After successfully navigating the tidal waves of adversity caused by an invisible enemy, humanity will rise to whole new levels of consciousness and prosperity, both socially, technologically and mentally, thanks to the empowering influence and massive adoption of Artificial intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Space Exploration and Quantum Computing. We will traverse an ever-increasing exponential growth until reaching the Singularity.
These are very exciting and unprecedented times for newly born Adeon Records to express this extraordinary paradigm shift through futuristic electronic music and visual content influenced by Japanese Cyberpunk and a touch of Matrix-like human-machine integration, by working together with top-notch electronic musicians and visual artists from around the globe.“

Tracklist: Philip Adeon – Touched By The Soul (Adeon Records, ADEON001)

01. Integrated Circuitry
02. Shelter
03. Touched By The Soul ft. Hazel Peters
04. Touched By The Soul ft. Hazel Peters (Funk D‘Void Remix)

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