Dark Chambers – Dark Areas [Division Sub Records, DSR005]

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Dark Chambers – Dark Areas [Division Sub Records, DSR005]

Dark Chambers revives his dormant Division Sub Records with a compelling EP made from a range of analogue hardware.

The label was founded in 2013 but has been on hiatus until now. It is an outlet, much like the artist who founded it, that focuses on visionary music, innovative techno and experimental sounds. There are plenty of releases lined up into 2022 with both vinyl and digital in the works, all of which will explore the darker end of the electronic spectrum.

‘Dark Area’s is a machine based EP built in Dark Chambers’s Brikworx studio using modular, drum machines and sound generators. It was conceived during lockdown when the artist had time to hone in on a sound that’s been reverberating around his head for a few years. He says, “The idea was to build different pieces of music that push and make you want to dance, raise your energy and get back out there after a long period of being lost in our own minds.”

Depression is a theme that runs through the EP, with messages to that effect on opener ‘Dark Places.’ It is a heavy, intense techno track with busted bass and demonic spoken words. Paranoid synths jump about the arrangement with rave energy percolating throughout the mix. After that high impact start comes ‘Miserable Youth,’ another brilliantly soot-black bit of industrial techno. The textures are raw, the drums twisted and the energy full of edge.

The excellent and all-consuming ‘Bloc303’ is just as electric with its buzzing synths, frazzled chords and punishing drum programming before the mighty ‘Floorwork’ is built from blistering synths and stark percussion. As they twist and turn and control mind, body and soul, the restless drums keep things powering on.

Tracklist: Dark Chambers – Dark Areas [Division Sub Records, DSR005]

01. Dark Places
02. Miserable Youth
03. Bloc303
04. Floorwork

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