Mha Iri – Navigating EP (1605, 1605262)

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Mha Iri – Navigating EP (1605, 1605262)

Mha Iri is back on UMEK’s 1605 with a solo EP after previously featuring on one of the labels mixed artist releases, and solidified herself as a core member of the imprint’s roster.

Based in Australia, Mha Iri has helped shed light on her home country’s techno scene with her releases on globally acclaimed imprints such as Markantonio’s AnalyticTrail and Spektre’s Respekt.

Not only is she an accomplished producer who is quickly rising to international stardom, she is already a popular DJ booking in Australia and its surrounding regions. Known for her high energy sound fusing powerful melodies and punishing percussion, she combines eloquence and brutality to create a unique style of techno.

Her brutal percussion and blissed-out breakdowns create a twisted euphoria on the dance floor and this EP is another fine example of her work.

“Your Heart” opens the release with its seductive vocal underpinned by a thumping kick drum and brooding synth line. A rollercoaster ride of intensity, its thrill-seeking momentum is non-stop, and its hands in the air breakdown is second to none.

“Liquid Light” utilises call and response melody sequences and a grinding bassline to devastating effect. Unrelenting, it’s a circus of sinister sounds that perfectly combine into a freak show of tantalising textures and monstrous sound design.

Tracklist: Mha Iri – Navigating EP (1605, 1605262)

01. Your Heart
02. Liquid Light

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