Swarm Intelligence – Swarm Intelligence 001 [Swarm Intelligence, SWRM001]

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Swarm Intelligence – Swarm Intelligence 001 [Swarm Intelligence, SWRM001]

Swarm Intelligence continues to push techno into unchartered territories with a bold new self-titled EP and label that launches in early 2022.

This Dublin-born artist has already established himself as part of the techno underground with critically acclaimed LPs and EPs on labels like Voltax, 47 and Instruments of Discipline, and standout sets at meccas like Berghain. His distinctive sound comes from over a decade of releases spanning multiple genres and tempos. A resolutely non-conformist approach to his productions has earned him a reputation as a true trailblazer in the realm of techno. He does it all from rhythmic noise to brutal and bleak, and now takes the next step with the launch of his label. Swarm Intelligence will be reserved for his own material and give him full control of his artistic vision across both digital and vinyl.

This new EP explores emergent technology and dystopian themes. Autonomous weaponry is hinted at in the title of the first two tracks before the resultant human resilience of ‘The Glory Is You,’ and finally AI’s awakening and gaining of sentience on ‘Edge of Chaos’. Opener ‘Lethality’ is an intense and arresting weapon. Slamming kicks and frosty synths create a wall of impenetrable techno sound that will strike fear into any dance floor. ‘Slaughterbot’ is just as punishing and dark. Mangled vocals are locked in a prison of caustic synths and tortured drums as a post-apocalyptic meltdown plays out all around.

There is subtle drum funk to ‘The Glory Is You’ that lifts you above the drama. Lithe kicks bring a sense of energy as haunting sequences, bright stabs and fizzing synths weave their way in and out of the mix. The brain-frying ‘Edge of Chaos’ closes down with monstrous effects, laser-like synths firing across the track and seriously weighty and distorted drums powering things along.

Tracklist: Swarm Intelligence – Swarm Intelligence 001 [Swarm Intelligence, SWRM001]

01. Lethality
02. Slaughterbot
03. The Glory Is Yours
04. Edge of Chaos

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