Einmusik | D-Nox (Stil vor Talent, SVT249)

Pick of the weekend: Einmusik | D-Nox (Stil vor Talent, SVT249)

Usually noted for their solo performances, Einmusik step into the studio banding together with D-Nox and Beckers for a versatile heavy four-tracker.

Einmusik builds up two constructions reminiscent of his live sets, expertly crafting ambiances that drive the listener into a trance. While on Sirens the focal point is a downward winding synth that instantly grabs attention, Sweet Spot offers a perfect counter with its ascending layers.

On the flipside, you might remember D-Nox from the Schneeweiss compilation, and the German performer stays true to his style. Both Escape and his collaboration with Beckers deliver an engrossing groove, with a spellbinding bassline that sets a trippy mood. While Escape sets the tone and makes for an interesting development in a set, Mechanism makes a great tool for sustaining the intensity on an unassertive yet energetic way.

Tracklist: Einmusik | D-Nox – Einmusik | D-Nox (Stil vor Talent, SVT249)

1. Einmusik – Sirens
2. Einmusik – Sweet Spot
3. D-Nox – Escape
4. D-Nox & Beckers – Mechanism

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