1FM – FormaFantasma [Illegal Alien Records, IARLTDT006]

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1FM – FormaFantasma [Illegal Alien Records, IARLTDT006]

Guadalajara emerging techno producer, Yuri Gonzalez is a veteran in the Mexican electronic music scene, with over 20 years of experience under his belt. His blend of tough funk and hard grooves sets him apart from his peers as one of the most interesting producers of this genre in Mexico. Reinforcing the strong techno imprint of the label Illegal Alien Records, this third release underlines the efficiency of such dark atmospheres mixed up with heavy mechanic-inspired rythmes. Associated with the funky techno that makes his style stand out, the selection also happens to be composed by very efficient DJ tools. On this EP the artist makes a music collab with KRATERMUSIC owner Lewis_33 blending the funk and dark atmospheres from both musical universes.

This new musical delivery under the name “FormaFantasma” appears in 1FM`s horizon after a very well received first EP released in June 2021 with Mexican techno label Illegal Alien Records. The sound and musical evolution Is definitely a-one-step beyond in confronting its predecessor “From FNL to 1FM”.

“SOUL OVERLOAD” slams in hard without a come-up, immediately introducing overdriven and multilayered kicks and hats, while a squelching synth-line writhes between distant acid sirens before the rhythm is stripped down piece-by-piece. This track has a special collaboration with Mexican artist Doctor Bagre: an architect of intimacy: by grafting emotional fragments onto a digital support, Doctor Bagre penetrates the membrane between organic matter and data. Working at this intersection of the intimate and the clinical, the visual artist develops new processes and techniques to explore technological and expressive possibilities. Her output simultaneously occupies multiple positions within an expanded cinematic space that subsumes film, photography, sound art, real time manipulations and video installation.

“RECOIL” picks up at a similar pace within a tunnel of high-pitched drones and warning signals panning across the aural image. Syncopated kicks and filters open and close before eventually reaching full dilation.This track definitely has an obscure aura in which blends the suggestive and constant harmonics with the handcrafted drums patterns… a perfect translation between mind and hallucinogenic territories.

“ADULT AFFIX”, a more spacious dance landscape is soon filled with the electronic trumpet sounds before veering off into more funk territory. There, dueling synth arpeggios eventually pick the pace back up before long.

TRUNCATE contributes with a very special remix of Soul Overload: his “Vision” adds a tough percussion and a stronger focus on the acid textures of the original, his “Revision” is more DJ friendly, setting a darker tone and mood overall.

This EP closes with a dark remix from Illegal Alien records owner, RICARDO GARDUNO, his version is a stone-cold and arhythmic interpretation of “Soul Overload” with additional dub atmos, pushed to the absolute fringes of dancefloor compatibility.

As a whole musical experience, FormaFantasma accentuates hallucinatory and shapeshifting sonic elements without focusing on the broader notion of the soundscape.

Tracklist: 1FM – FormaFantasma [Illegal Alien Records, IARLTDT006]

01. Soul Overload
02. Recoil
03. Adult Affix
04. Soul Overload (Truncate Remix)
05. Soul Overload (Ricardo Garduno Remix)

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