Ross Harper – eFunk EP (City Wall Records, CW137x)

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Ross Harper – eFunk EP (City Wall Records, CW137x)

Ross Harper, presents “e-Funk”, a thumping infusion of past, present and future.

The past – it’s impossible not to feel the psychedelia of Ross Harper’s early influences, bands like Led Zeppelin and The Doors, intense dark trippy vibes, so let’s call this 1965. Next of course you can feel the original techno energy, from his teenage roots in the 90s London rave scene, so let’s call this 1995.

The artwork is also a nod to 90s London rave with a cheeky echo of the infamous Blu Peter & Mrs Wood “Bitter & Twisted” album, released on React Records. Furthermore, the typeface used is a stylistic throwback to a childhood 80s video game called “R-TYPE”.

Present and future – reflecting on these past phenomenon of the 60s hippie movement and the 90s rave movement, it now feels like we are now approaching the next such epoch, 1965 to 1995 is 30 years, 1995 to 2025 will be another 30 years, in the post pan- demic world it is easy to see how such a musical movement is poised to happen, we are on the verge of the next chapter and right now we are in the “prologue” if you will.

eFunk EP is aggressive, confrontational, “in your face”, experimental, leftfield drum machine techno. Not just “thrown together”, but meticulously programmed and worked to a method that would have been at home in the 90s techno production process, one of recording drum machine loops and then feeding those back into samplers, to then be re-sequenced.

Originally this was analogue system of working, but Ross Harper recreated it in the touch screen digital domain, using only iPhones and iPads with all files being transferred via the Cloud, so at no point in the process has a single cable been utilised.

So, yeah, past, present, future is right here.

Tracklist: Ross Harper – eFunk EP (City Wall Records, CW137x)

01. eFunk
02. Shard
03. eTwist
04. eFuzz

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