Various Artists – Desiderati 4.5 (1605, 1605259)

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Various Artists – Desiderati 4.5 (1605, 1605259)

UMEK’s label 1605 closes out 2020 with the fifth edition of his Desiderati mixed artist series, which features the label boss himself collaborating with the legendary DJ Rush in addition to three other tracks.

Joining forces are Juan Ddd and Dante Filacanavo, plus Beico is collaborating with Julien Earle, while Bruce Zalcer is the only artist on the EP to provide a solo cut.

Fans of techno need little introduction to UMEK’s music, especially after his multiple No.1 sellers on leading stores such as Beatport. DJ Rush is a Chicago based pioneering techno artist who has been involved in the genre since it first broke out of Detroit in the late ‘80s, and his music can be found on labels ranging from the iconic Trax Records through to Terminal M. A truly historic collaboration, their track “Reach” is set to cause mayhem on the dance floor.

Beico & Julien Earle have both featured on 1605 in a solo capacity, but this the first time they have joined forces for a track titled “Hypnosis”. Individually Julien Earle has featured on other labels like Spektre’s Respekt and Pleasurekraft’s Kraftek, while Beico has left his mark on imprints such as Reinier Zonneveld’s Filth on Acid and Coyu’s Suara.

Bruce Zalcer is a relatively new artist that has already been making waves with his debut EP’s coming via Spartaque’s IAMT and Metodi Hristov’s Set About. His track “Ambrosia” further solidifies him as someone to expect big things from in 2021.

Back on1605 is Juan Ddd, and he brings along Dante Filacanavo to collaborate on their track “Rules”, but the guys are working together for the first time after many solo releases. Dante Filacanavo features on the likes of Funk’n Deep, Reload plus Stickrecordings, and Juan Ddd has released on noteworthy labels ranging from Popof’s Form to Ramon Tapia’s Say What? imprint.

Each of these tracks are perfectly suited to 1605’s trademark style of techno with heavy percussion, powerful synth lines and dark atmosphere culminating in a peak time dance floor experience.

Tracklist: Various Artists – Desiderati 4.5 (1605, 1605259)

01. UMEK & DJ Rush – Reach
02. Beico & Julien Earle – Hypnosis
03. Bruce Zalcer – Ambrosia
04. Juan Ddd, Dante Filacanavo – Rules

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