South London Ordnance – Use of Weapons (Aery Metals, ALLOYS007)

Our gem of the week: South London Ordnance with ‘Use of Weapons’ on Aery Metals, his own label.

“Joining the dots between driving Dub Techno, classic Acid and earthy, reduced House music – South London Ordnance has spent the last few years developing a unique voice as both a DJ and a producer. In 2015 South London Ordnance returns for a series of releases that offer a much more refined, but altogether grittier sound. Released in March this year, the latest SLO single on Aery Metals Sex Fortress garnered support from the likes of JD Twitch, 2562, Laurent Garnier and Ewan Pearson. Drawing from a classic Techno framework, but referencing Industrial, Minimal and Cold Wave music – SLO appears to have found a degree of comfort in his productions. An aesthetic that satisfies club leanings, but leaves the door open for more cerebral textures and interesting collaboration.”


Tracklist: South London Ordnance – Use of Weapons (Aery Metals, ALLOYS007)

01. Use of Weapons
02. Corporation

01. Use of Weapons
This is a mission into deep space. Your ship is ready. The gates of the hangar open and you are overwhelmed by the scene which is presented to your eye. You look into this endless, endless cosmic space, a darkness never seen before. But there is also light. Everything is huge and large, the kick drum, the background pad, the arpeggiator. And everything blends just beautifully together into an exceptional composition. When finally the synth arrives, you didn’t missed it, because you are still too absorbed by the music. But it cut through the mix, and you are glad the composer put this final ingredient.

02. Corporation
High energy right from the beginning. Cinematic background combined with subtle drum percussions. The synth puts down a question plus a demand and is in perfect alliance with the bass. The Break reveals this brilliant solo synth, it answers the question, and together with the first one they tell us their story.
A track in perfect harmony with your vibration, your soul and the universe.

Conclusion: Well, we have to admit we are impressed. Timeless, eminent composition, outstanding storytelling. Superb ingredients of a great opus.

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