Dominik Vaillant – 101 (Fehler Musik, FHLR013)

Pick of the week: Dominik Vaillant – 101 (Fehler Musik, FHLR013)

For FHLR013 two production powerhouses and label heads met. Analogue Audio boss Dominik Vaillant contributes already his second release on Fehler Musik. OFF Recordings mastermind Andre Crom just returned to Berlin from Barcelona and instantly joined the FHLR family. We are happy to present another strong release created by both longstanding techno artists and figures of the scene.

Part One uplifts strong and steady into peak time lunacy. The main part is a journey to the inner self, haunted voices create an atmospheric and hypnotizing feel. They will still chase you long after the track has gone.

Part Two is evolving into a more deeper tune but still running at a fast pace. Steady rolling towards the peak while developing an atmosphere and feel of a large field. Rich and thought-out use of drums. A perfect track that transitions in or out of the climax of the night.

Andre Crom’s remix is such a climax of the night. In his good tradition, the track is firing at all your senses and taking no prisoners like Dominik’s original.

As you could expect of both producers, this EP is a high octane techno ride and an essential in your arsenal.


Tracklist: Dominik Vaillant – 101 (Fehler Musik, FHLR013)

01. 101 Part One
02. 101 Part Two
03. 101 Part One (Andre Crom Raw Mix )

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