JSPR – MonoCulture (Minus, MINUSMAX40)

JSPR – fresh face at Minus. Productions sounds promising. Also releases on Elevate, Be One Records and Orange Recordings.

Tracklist: JSPR – MonoCulture (Minus, MINUSMAX40)

01. MonoCulture
02. The Queen
03. Figure It Out ( JSPR & Reinier Zonneveld )
04. Left In The Gardens
05. Nesh

01. MonoCulture: A Minus-esque minimal bassline leads into atmospheric pegs, with great use of delays that suck the vocals into it’s vortex. The vortex almost becomes a blackhole, entering the emptyness of the break and is so close to vanishing completely… but then the bass grabs you again and throws you back to the ground. Almost. A constantly floating tune with something you cannot quite grasp, yet at the same time it has a dictating and very omnipresent groove.

02. The Queen: Like the song before, it floats you quickly up in the air, before bringing you back to earth with the bassline. A light but impermeable atmosphere envelopes you, and then all of a sudden horns arise in the nebula. Their intention is to knock you off course, but the funky groove cuts through the thicket and puts you back on track to guide you safely home.

03. Figure It Out ( JSPR & Reinier Zonneveld ): The journey starts mysteriously, and the impatience of not knowing where the trip is going to sneaks in very quickly. You will discover exotic places, and subtle acid elements will appear along the way and rise over time. It’s an intensely melodious, harmonic and almost faraway tune, but all based on the firm bassline groundwork.

04. Left In The Gardens: This track leads with an amazing melody that somehow sounds familiar, and the lush delays let the tune float and drift in time and space. It moves fast, pushed along by compelling drums and bass. A splendid song.

05. Nesh: Finally, all the special elements of this EP are assembled on this one track. A minimal bassline and minimal drums are combined with moody sounds that yield a damn good groove. A super solid tune.

Conclusion: Great contrast between solid grooves and airy soundscapes. A gorgeous release combining a classic Minus style with melodic and harmonic elements, JSPR provides another stellar addition to the label’s catalog.

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