BBY JSS – Villano [dmnsia, 198000934699]

Our Thursday selection:
BBY JSS – Villano [dmnsia, 198000934699]

VILLANO is the second EP presented by Mexican producer and DJ BBY JSS. It in- cludes two original tracks, as well as, two powerful remixes by Dj Fucci and Young Drums, both Mexican projects.

Villano can be defined as a black hole that makes you wander through its hypnotic and accelerated elements. It seeks to stress and make the person who is listening to it uncomfortable. It doesn‘t matter if you dance or stand still, who really cares?

Tracklist: BBY JSS – Villano [dmnsia, 198000934699]

01. Infinita Tristeza
02. Simulation
03. Infinita Tristeza (DJ Fucci Remix)
04. Simulation (Young Drums Trippy Mix)

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