Pleasurekraft – All Indians, No Chiefs (Octopus Records, OCT96)

There are some things you won’t forget in life. When ‘Tarantula’ hit the planet in 2010, this was one of these moments. As I remember, I played it on every festival that year … like everybody else. Even after years and the hype, you can still play this track once in a while. I played it on AfrikaBurn X this year. And still, there are people out there who do not know it, coming to the DJ Booth, XTC-like wide open eyes and asking in euphoria:
As our colleagues from Dancing Astronaut put it right: “Pleasurekraft have carved out an inimitable niche within the realms of techno and tech house in the last decade. The duo has earned an iconic status both as producers and as the overseers of their Kraftek imprint.”
Dive into the weekend and listen to their take on techno:
Pleasurekraft – All Indians, No Chiefs out on Octopus Records.

Tracklist: Pleasurekraft – All Indians, No Chiefs (Octopus Records, OCT96)

01. All Indians, No Chiefs

01. All Indians, No Chiefs

Classic techno opening … you hear the Drumcode influence, where they just recently dropped the track ‘DOPEFIEND’. We love those kicks, our all-time hero Harvey McKay uses them too. Paiting normally with vivid and bright colors, it’s compelling to hear how they work now with (more) subtle elements. Yes, they can techno too. And still you can hear the Pleasurekraft imprint, but meticulously put here as a watermark.

Conclusion: Just what we lately wrote about Wehbba, the duo is entering new territory. As masters of their ‘kraft’, they put out a massive techno track and were able to polish it with their signature. But we think this is just the beginning of the coalescence of the Pleasurekraft soul with the world of techno … can’t wait for more!


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