Saive & Kleiber – Naradir EP (Lost on You, LOY0010)

Our Wednesday selection: Saive & Kleiber – Naradir EP (Lost on You, LOY0010)

Saive & Kleiber’s melodic rainforest trip, exclusively on Lost on You.

Jump on the primitive rollercoaster segueing through the rainforest at incredible speeds, passing ancient tribes making fires with glass and exotic birds known to only the most intrepid of explorers. As you reach the summit, a thunder begins to rain from the sky in immense crashes, accompanied by lightning that illuminates the entire teeming forest beneath you. A moment of silence where humidity lurks in the air, and the floodgates open. When the thunder clouds part they reveal the first composition on Saive & Kleiber’s stunning Lost on You debut, ‘Naradir’, and it becomes clear that Lost on You have done it again. This is one for the late-night chuggers, the hands-in-the-air revelers, the misfits and freaks and those who want to feel that inexplicable connection to the earth that top-quality electronic music can impact upon its beholders.

Lost on You are not only the first and only benefit label to donate 100% of its proceeds to charity – recently making its first donation from online profits in a huge step forward for the imprint – but they’re among the only consistently solid purveyors of deep, melodic techno and house in Europe. The grainy, high-flying synths and turbulent percussive energy found on ‘Naradir’, characteristic of almost every release on Lost on You, is designed to take the listener on an expedition that transcends borders, language and cultures, working hand-in-hand with the charity aspect of the label to deliver a holistic experience that changes the world for the better.

Second track ‘All Of Which Were Dreams’ is a hypnotizing seven-minute melodic beast, moving in ebbs and flows like the charmed snake who might turn anytime and attack, wrapping itself around your arteries only to loosen its grip and leave you stumbling, dizzy on the edge of delirium. One for when evening sets in and night’s spell is cast in contorted electronic melodies that fizzle and pop along imaginary lines of sound. ‘All Of Which Were Dreams’ is a veritable warehouse banger sure to be setting parties alight all over the continent and further afield.

Join Lost on You’s epic journey into realms that other labels have never before explored. Each and every download of the Naradir EP will go towards helping hungry families, disease-stricken children and impoverished farmers in the poorest parts of Africa and beyond. And aside from a feeling of personal salvation, you’ll also get two shiny new club anthems in your downloads folder. What’s not to lose? Don’t let it be lost on you.

Tracklist: Saive & Kleiber – Naradir EP (Lost on You, LOY0010)

01. Naradir (Original Mix)
02. All Of Which Were Dreams (Original Mix)

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