Cri Du Coeur – Warning (Arkham Audio, ARKHAMAUDIO002)

Our Friday selection: Cri Du Coeur – Warning (Arkham Audio, ARKHAMAUDIO002)

Following up on the waves made by his latest Diaphragm EP, Cri Du Coeur injects his signature high-octane sound into another techno venture. This one comes in the form of the electrifying 4-track EP Warning on the Belgian producer’s fledgling-but- headstrong label Arkham Audio. Featuring three remixes interweaving threatening cosmic soundscapes with pounding industrial beats, this latest EP pulls no punches in delivering a menacing wall of sound.

The A-side opens with Cri’s original mix for Warning, showing off his signature style of making jumpy, liquid 303 basslines bounce around a consistent dark pad sound. The combination emanates a lingering sense of dread intensified by warped delayed vocal samples and high-voltage buzzing underpinning the whole experience.

Following up is a remix from American producer Dustin Zahn, who delivers a pulsa- ting battleground of modular noise. The essence of the track is the controlled chaos of the abstract mechanical whirring and wailing born from Zahn’s extensive synthesis experience, having worked as a remixer for Adam Beyer, Chris Liebing, Dubfire and many other high-profile acts.

UK producer Mark Broom dedicates two remixes for the B-side of the EP. The first is a dark, atmospheric groove with expert attention to detail paid to the percussive effects and the controlled movement of the synth parts, creating a powerful ebb and flow of soundscapes and textures and a set of unique builds and drops.
Closing off the EP, Mark Broom’s second track is a track more faithful to Cri’s original, opting to beef up the kick and switch up the pattern for an original clap intonation and, naturally, Broom’s own signature offer of complex intertwined synth effects. The result is an anthemic warehouse filler that feels saturated with organic layers of electronic foliage. Mark Broom brings his own signature acid house influence that come from his first-hand experience of the Second Summer of Love, when his longspanning career began.

Cri Du Coeur’s Warning is a no-holds-barred wonderland of cosmic soundscapes, hard-hitting rhythms and ominous industrial noise put together by three adept vete- ran producers that show no sign of slowing down this year. Warning, featuring Dustin Zahn and Mark Broom, will be released through Cri Du Coeur’s own label Arkham Audio.

Tracklist: Cri Du Coeur – Warning (Arkham Audio, ARKHAMAUDIO002)

01. Warning (Original)
02. Warning (Dustin Zahn Remix)
03. Warning (Mark Broom Remix a)
04. Warning (Mark Broom Remix b)

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