ISF Radio Podcast #023 w/ Brisboys

ISF Radio Podcast #023 w/ Brisboys

Hey guys, itsoundsfuture radio is back, welcome to the show.
Summer is getting hotter in Berlin, and we felt this the last time on your Sonntags Unfugs party in Suicide Circus, where we had a massive rave with Karotte, Beatmines & Matchy and the rest of the Lauter Unfug and Fehler Musik gang.
More than 500 people came, and because of that we are going bigger in August and we will have the indoor AND the outdoor floor.
So save the date, Sunday, 12th of August, and this time we invite Teenage Mutants, Lars Moston and Chich to the show.

Chich, who is the founder of the Modulhertz label, is also gifting his release to our brand-new Fehler Musik release Adertonde, FHLR 009.

It’s also the premiere for someone else: Lauter Unfug’s boss Pierre Bellion drops
in collaboration with Analogue Audio owner Dominik Vaillant his debut on Fehler-Musik,
and we are really proud to gather all of them on one release.

Coming to our guests today for the show, this time the Brisboys from Belfast found their way to us, and the will play some groovy dub house / dub tech tunes. Talking about tunes, their next release named “olds cool” is coming out on Revolucion Records the 16th of July, and it comes along with a remix of Hernandes.D.

John Manning and Ciaran Duffy joined forces in late 2008 having been DJs in their own right for over ten years, playing in clubs and radio shows across Northern Ireland. They met by chance in 2007 while they were both in Brisbane, Australia. After talking they discovered they shared a passion for house music and realizing they only lived a few miles apart back home in Ireland they made an agreement, that they would keep in contact and start a project when back on home turf and it was then that “Brisboys” was born.

Brisboys’ productions have gone from strength to strength over the course of the last 10 years. Next release is coming out on Revolucion Records the 16th of July:



Tracklist: ISF Radio Podcast #023 w/ Brisboys

01. Hernan bass – siete (Original Mix)
02. Looad – dub motion (Original Mix)
03. Ramcord – pavo (Original Mix)
04. Monofade – fallin (Original Mix)
05. Doneyck – closet (Original Mix)
06. Matter peonia – shoot the queen (Original Mix)
07. Classmatic Pemex – banannas (Original Mix)
08. Martin eyerer, ackenman, thomas gandey – donʼt change (whitesquare remix)
09. Brisboys – hard yakka (Original Mix) unsigned
10. Thomas gioia – se hambre (Original Mix)
11. Mr lekka – intruder (Original Mix)
12. Vincenzo dʼamico – Phil (Original Mix)
13. Luca secco, craftkind & rich pinder – roll into one (k.a.m.a remix)
14. Spega – doppelbanger (Stefano parenti remix)
15. Fhaken, Wayne Madiedo – red lips (Giuseppe martini & Greck b remix)
16. Brisboys – fair dinkum (Original Mix) unsigned
17. George Acosta – ganja (nervous 2018 remix)
18. Vincenzo dʼamico – ciclacazi (Original Mix)
19. Ben sterling – ciao (Original Mix)
20. Serge devant – white groove (Original Mix)
21. Jacapo Ferrari – shaker! (Original Mix)
22. D.i.m – everyday (Original Mix)
23. Carlo ruetz – the ark (Original Mix)


You can follow Brisboys on all social media:

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