QNA – Tabor Session (True Rotary Recordings, TRR 004)

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QNA with Tabor Session on True Rotary Recordings, TRR 004.

Press release:
Mid September will see True Rotary Recordings return with its fourth release, a collaborative EP from label co-founder Joel Alter alongside Quarion under their new QNA guise.

Founded by Joel Alter and Ena Cosovic, True Rotary Recordings is a Copenhagen based imprint home to material from Roberto Clementi and co-founder, Kontra Musik / Uncanny Valley artist Joel Alter so far. Here though we see the welcome addition of Repeat, Quintessentials and Drumpoet Community artist Quarion onto the roster for a new collaborative project alongside Alter, cleverly entitled QNA.

True Rotary Recordings : The EP starts off with the title track “Tabor Session”, a hypnotizing piece of modern techno fusing driving beats with a myriad of synths and eerie sounds in a complete balance. Like an ensemble of dancers on the verge of loosing control.

While “Memory Lane” shows the melancholic mind-set of the both artists going deeper and darker into murky dub techno, “Sansui Cruise” is full of playfulness and raw bouncy beats in a tribal groove. Percussive sounds and delays drifting in and out.
QNA’s ‘Tabor Session’ EP is out on True Rotary Recordings 18th September 2017.

Tracklist: QNA – Tabor Session (True Rotary Recordings, TRR 004)

1. Tabor Session
2. MemoryLane
3. SansuiCruise

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