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Ross Harper – Techno Dreamer [City Wall Records, CW139x] One of electronic music’s most innovative and original artists, Ross Harper, releases the striking ‘Techno Dreamer’ EP on 25 February, showcasing his varied sound palette and demonstrating why he has caught the attention of many leading DJs. Released on 25 February, the EP sees the Brighton-based producer and DJ present two very different, yet highly autobiographical, sides to his music.

The upbeat title track ‘Techno Dreamer’ represents the fun, escapist, side to Ross Harper’s music. A deliciously bouncy and hypnotic track which was created last summer from his sunny roof terrace. The robotic vocal sample is from a KORG iDS-10 voice synth patch and clearly works its way into the listeners head, as Ross Harper demonstrates the more care-free and less serious side of techno and his productions.

Ross Harper says: “Techno Dreamer is kind of my life story; obsessed by psychedelic music from age 13, taking LSD and wondering around London parks, then completely absorbed by ‘90s rave culture, smoking weed on the way to school, then giving up on everything in life to solely focus on learning to make techno music.”

The B-side, ‘Fences’ is another highly personal track. It was the first track Ross Harper wrote, around 2003, which he pledged to release this year. This was during a very dark time in his life, in which he did not really know who he was, what he was feeling, and had given up all his friends. This feeling of isolation is reflected by the claustrophobic and distorted beats. The ghostly “you scare me sometimes” breakdown midway represents the unrequited love experienced during this period.

Ross Harper’s impressive and varied list of DJ supporters include Laurent Garnier, Depeche Mode’s Martin L Gore, Nemone (BBC 6 Music), John Digweed, Paula Tape, and Ben Malone (KISS FM). Ross released the acclaimed ‘Tower Of Light’ album in 2021 which was accompanied by specially commissioned artwork from internationally renowned artist, Iva Troj and continued his ‘Ambient Girl’ thread of work but 2022 brings something totally new.

Tracklist: Ross Harper – Techno Dreamer [City Wall Records, CW139x]

01. Techno Dreamer
02. Fences

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