ISF Radio Podcast #004 w/ Mon Groove

Todays ISF Radio Podcast #004 with label partner, friend and partner in crime Mon Groove.

Hello again to the ISF Radio Podcast with me, Hartojo,
sending out straight from our Studio in the heart of Xberg.
Yes, of course 36 … c’mon!

October is over and it was very busy month for us:
we did parties in Suicide Circus, Kosmonaut and Birgit & Bier, plus we had two Releases for Fehler Musik,

Everybody will take some time to breath and relax a bit since the next show is in about one month. December 10 with Skober, Vonda7 and the usual suspects from Lauter Unfug, Analogue Audio and FHLR.

You might have seen it, we are updating at the moment, making it better and faster plus it comes in a new design. But I have to say I liked the old design very much.

Today’s podcast is my partner in crime and wingman Mr. Mon Groove,
togther we run Fehler Musik and he is also part of the ISF crew. And of course he is a cool dude. Through capricious fate our paths crossed, and after two years of a wild rollercoaster magic carpet ride, we know, we can do this.

Mon Groove:
Hi, it’s me Mon Groove from Berlin.

With FEHLER Musik, it’s all about Techno however beside of that, I quite like dub techno and melodic progressive tunes, so this podcast will be about exactly this: Dubby sounds and melodies. So I invite you to kick back, enjoy the flow and relax. On our next show on Sunday 10.12 at Suicide Cirus with Skober we will return back to the good old techno banging.

See ya there!


Tracklist ISF Radio Podcast #004 w/ Mon Groove:

1 Xaler (Original Mix) – MSL (Italy)
2 Reflections (Original Mix) – Brickman
3 Red Giant (D. Diggler Remix) – Summer (Brendon Collins)
4 Bill Bill (Original Mix) – Klartraum
5 Morning Bass (Original Mix) – Robert Babicz
6 Once Again (Original Mix) – Paride Saraceni
7 Euneirophrenia (Original Mix) – YokoO, Retza
8 Existence (Original Mix) – SAMA
9 Doppler (Original Mix) – DJ Tonio
10 Atlante (Original Mix) – Alex Luhr
11 Reality (Original Mix) – Tim Engelhardt
12 Regrets (Original Mix) – Sonic Future
13 Come On (M.A.M.I. Remix) – Feld & Rieger
14 Pyramid (Dusty Kid Adventures Mix) – Eitan Reiter
15 Miss Jean (Original Mix) – LADS
16 The Last Track (Original Mix) – Lehar





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