Matt Sassari Feat. Patrik Berg – Nervosity (Intec Digital, ID159)

Pick of the week: Matt Sassari Feat. Patrik Berg – Nervosity (Intec Digital, ID159)

Matt Sassari originally joined Intec working in collaboration with D-Unity but this is the Frenchman’s second solo release following his EP on the label at the end of 2017.

The success of his first solo release on Intec made a second almost inevitable and since then Matt Sassari has also contributed music to Dense & Pika’s Kneaded Pains, Martin Eyerer’s Kling Klong, Sasha Carassi’s Phobiq and Monika Kruse’s Terminal M. On top of this he has also done a top-selling remix of Green Velvet’s classic anthem “La La Land”.

A multitalented artist, Matt can effortlessly switch between making both techno and house music, but this release showcases his hard side with a thumping style that leans towards the more banging end of techno.

“Nervosity” starts the EP and from the offset takes no prisoners with the relentless pounding of its hammering kick drum. Building in intensity, the tracks ferocity is made more intense with grinding synths and the commanding vocals menacing tones. With a rigid sound that undoubtedly falls under the category of hard techno, this exhilarating track is strong enough to shake the foundation of any club in which it’s played.

Second is “Kun Daha” which takes its title from the vocal phrases that have a tribal feel to them. Like a spiritual ceremony or perhaps a dark offering, the track has dramatic conga hits and booming tom drums reminiscent of those used by aboriginal tribes. Contrasting with the otherwise mechanical background, this distinctly individual cut has a tough sound and an unusual blend of textures. Not as hard as the first cut but still tailored to the club, this is peak time techno at its most captivating.


Tracklist: Matt Sassari Feat. Patrik Berg – Nervosity (Intec Digital, ID159)

01. Nervosity (Original Mix)
02. Kun Daha (Original Mix)

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