Anika Kunst – Hidden Intention EP [Symbolism, SYMDIGI014]

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Anika Kunst – Hidden Intention EP [Symbolism, SYMDIGI014]

Ben Sims’ Symbolism opens its 2022 account with the ‘Hidden Intentions’ four-track EP from Spanish producer, Anika Kunst.

The Crisp, razor-sharp ‘Detox’ opens ‘Hidden Intentions’ confidently with Kunst showing how to create a peak time, punchy cut with real depth using just a handful of elements. Late-night grit follows with the immersive delayed arpeggios of ‘Addictions’ while the detuning action ramps up on the title track, the heaviest here. Tense, hypnotic and pulsating, ‘No Stress’ rounds the hotly tipped producer’s EP out.

Having debuted on Symbolism via 2021’s Synchronicity compilation release as well as chalking up releases for Rekids offshoot RSPX and her own Chapter Records, Anika Kunst is fast becoming one of ‘proper’ Techno’s names to watch.

Tracklist: Anika Kunst – Hidden Intention EP [Symbolism, SYMDIGI014]

01. Detox
02. Addictions
03. Hidden Intention
04. No Stress

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