Enlightenment and Techno: Farr Festival – Back to the woods

Farr Festival is coming up, July 14-16 in Hertfordshire, UK. In its ninth year, it hosts six stages of heavy electronic music and three nights of dancing in Bygrave Woods. As it turns out, there is an evolving species of techno hippies. In the summer festival season, we rediscover the art of electronic music and techno in its explosive period of 2016, and we just want to dance. This is where the magic happens.

We’ll be reaching higher places, indeed, during John Talabot’s set at THE SHACK stage on Saturday night.

Also on Saturday, be prepared for one of Helena Hauff’s brutal techno sets at the ADVENTURES IN SUCCESS stage.


What is it that we all love about electronic music and techno so much? That we can entrain our bodies with the rhythms, the music goes with our heart beats, that it is an endless platform for hints of melodic color. It creates a euphoric feeling for us in a world that needs more love to thrive. We were meant to live in communion with nature and electricity at once. There is nothing like dancing at a festival in the woods where we can connect through mother nature’s rhythms enhanced by the greatest sound systems.

With a yoga sanctuary called “The Shala” for meditation in the forest, painting classes to express pent-up creativity, and even mermaids, there is lots of fun stuff in store. A shanty bar with tarot reading and other carnivalesque qualities, we can tap back into our inner child. All the time in the city we spend wonder where’s your child.  As we all know, techno hippies like to stay clean, so there are even showers.

Farr Forest 2016

We can look forward to hearing lots of new music at the Farr Festival. Exit Records will be hosting a stage there, Big Tims: DBridge and Skeptical Present at the stage called “THIS MUST BE THE PLACE” on Friday night. Some banging music in the forest? Yes, please!
Meet me on Friday night by the Exit Records stage. I’ll be wearing a rainbow dress.


More infos here: farrfestival.co.uk

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